Step up Transformer Working principle, Connection diagram and Uses.

  1. Step up transformer.
  2. Construction of step up.
  3. Connection diagram.
  4. Working principle.
  5. Applications.

1 - Step up transformer:

Step up transformer: costruction and applications.

Step up transformer is an electrical static device which is used for voltage transformation as low voltage to high voltage at same frequency. It is mostly used in transmission line for voltage increasing. It has two winding one is primary and other is secondary. It is not used in distribution system. It works on magnetic flux transformation.

2 - Construction of step up transformer:

Transformer is the group of electrical parts which is assembled on workshop. The details of electrical parts are given below mentioned.

1- Magnetic Core:

It is the basic parts of transformer which is used for winding installation. Three type core is used as core, shell and berry type. It is the bunch of laminated iron strip. The magnetic flux is produced on iron core and it is also linked with secondary windings so magnetic flux is transferred on secondary windings.

2- Windings :

Two windings are used in Transformers, one is primary and other is secondary which is made of copper and aluminium conductor. As per step up transformer the turns of primary windings is less and secondary winding is more. Primary is connected with low voltage and high voltage is generated at secondary side. If we talk about current, the high current is running on primary and low current is received at secondary side.

The windings of transformer is installed on the laminated iron core which is made of iron core. Core is laminated for removing eddy current.

3 - Connection diagram:

Step up transformer: connection diagram and working principle.

Above shown image, the primary winding is low turns winding and secondary is more turns winding.

4 - Working principle

When the HT power supply is received in primary winding then due to characteristic of the alternative current, the magnetic flux is produced which is received in secondary winding. A induced emf is produced on secondary winding according winding turns. Secondary winding turns are more in comparison primary so the more voltage will be produced.

The voltage is transformed in step up function as 11 KV to 33 KV, 33 KV to 66 KV, 66 KV to 132 KV, 132 KV to 220 KV, 220 to 400 KV.

5 - Applications of step up transformer

Step up transformer has many applications which below mentioned.

  • Microwave oven.
  • X-ray machines.
  • In transmission line for voltage transformation.

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