Dry type Transformer safetyProtection relay connection diagram and features.


  1. Dry type transformer safety and protection.
  2. Connection diagram of protection relay
  3. Function of protection relay.
  4. Technical specifications of protection relay.

1 - Dry type transformer safety and protection:

Dry type transformer safety

Dry type transformer is a caste resin type. It has required only temp protection relay. It has no more required protection as oil type. Different type protection relays available in market. But commonly all are same as function. It has 4nos protection available in this. Protection relay details are given below mentioned.

2- Connection diagram of protection relay

Dry type transformer protection relay connection diagram,working principle and technical specifications

3- Function of protection relay

Dry type transformer protection relay is used for mainly temp controller with four type output relay.it is used for three windings and core as single scanner with four outputs.

  • Fan control of dry type chamber.
  • Max Temp alarm.
  • Max temp trip.
  • Fault against temp sensors short circuit or open condition.

4- Technical specification of protection relay

Sr.No. Parameters Value
1 Resistance temperature detector) (RTD) sensors: 4 Nos.
2 Three no’s control settings: 1- alarm, 2- trip 3- fan on.
3 Temp indicating range is: -20℃ to 300℃.
6 Temp set point range: 20℃ to 220℃.
4 Accuracy: +/- 1℃.
5 Supply voltage: 90 to 270 VAC/DC.

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