Dry type or Cast resin Transformer Working principle, Connection diagram, Parts and advantage.


  1. Dry type or cast resin type transformer.
  2. Connection diagram.
  3. Working principle.
  4. Parts of dry type transformer.
  5. Why is dry type transformer used and advantage.

1 - Dry type or cast resin type transformer.

Dry type transformer or cast resin type transformer and using advantage.

Dry type transformers are used without transformer oil. It is very safe for environmentally. It’s another name is cast resin transformer. Both windings are made by epoxy resin. The installation process of it is very simple. It is using in industries commonly. Installation cost is very high and maintenance cost is very low.

2 - Connection diagram:

Dry type transformer or cast resin type transformer connection diagram, wiring diagram and working principle.

3 - Working principle

Dry type transformer is used for distribution system as indoor type mostly. The main function of it is voltage transformation as high voltage to low voltage. If the requirement is high voltage to low voltage in output as 33/11 KV to 433 volt then the step-down dry transformer is used.

Transformer has two windings one is primary and second is secondary.Primary is used for input supply and secondary is used for output supply. Both windings are installed on laminated core. Both are electrically separated but magnetically linked each other.

When alternative current provides to primary winding then an induced emf flux generates on coil area and transferred to the laminated core. Secondary winding is also installed on this iron core so due to magnetic flux the induced emf generates on secondary winding according winding turns.

4 - Parts of dry type transformer.

Transformer is a static machine. it is constructed by many parts. The parts detail is given below mentioned.

  • Transformer body
  • core
  • windings
  • Terminal and bushing
  • Protection relay
  • Air blower
  • Tap changers

5 - Why is dry type transformer used and advantage.

Dry type transformer is an electrical static equipment which is used with natural air. The many points are considerd for using of it that points are below mentioned.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Long life.
  • Natural air cooling no required oil.
  • Low cost installation.
  • No more space required.
  • Low fire hazardous and self fire extinguish.
  • Low losses in comparison of oil transformer.
  • Eco friendly.
  • It can be installed inside of premises.

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