Types of uninterrupted power supply(UPS)
Working principle and Connection diagram.


  1. Types of UPS-uninterrupted power supply.

Types of UPS- Uninterrupted power supply.

Different types UPS are used in industries, domestic, residential societies, commercial etc.

  • Standby or offline.
  • Line interactive.
  • Standby ferro.
  • Double conversion online.
  • Delta conversion online.
1- Standby or offline UPS :

Standby UPS is an electrical supply source which works during power supply fails then it provides quick supply within 1.5 to 4.0 millisecond. When the UPS is running on EB supply mode then the inverter will be on Off mode. The time of power supply fails, the inverter starts quick and provides supply to the load. It means the inverter starts after supply switch off.

Types of uninterrupted power supply(UPS) and their functions.

It is a low cost and effective. It is used upto 1.5 KVA load capacity as computers, small business, small web services .

2 - Line interactive UPS :

Line interactive UPS is used where the power fluctuations are common. This type UPS works on Line interactive technology which provides a good support for input voltage fluctuations before switching on battery mode. According this technology, input voltage fluctuations are managed at the time duration of 4 to 6 millisecond by UPS before switching on battery mode.

line interactive UPS connection diagram and features.
  • Automatic voltage regulation transformer is installed for voltage fluctuations.
  • It provides clean and stable power to the critical equipment like as small servers.
  • It is designed specially for II sector and electronic business critical equipment.
  • Pure sine wave output is provided.
  • Available capacity is 500 VA to 5000 VA

3 - Standby ferro UPS :

Standby ferro UPS is a backup electrical device where a three winding type ferro transformer are used. Input side two windings are available, one is connected from static switch and second is connected with inverter. Output side one winding are used which is connected with output load. It is available in 3 to 15 KVA range.

Standby ferrow- UPS connection diagram and working.

When the power supply is switched off then invertor starts providing supply to the transformer primary winding.

4 - Double conversion online. UPS :

Double conversation on line UPS is an electrical backup supply which works during power supply fails. Power supply does not connect directly to the load. It is connected through rectifier and inverter. It is used mostly above 5 KVA to 1.6 MW capacity.

Double conversion online UPS connection diagram and working.

According construction of double conversion, the power supply is converted as AC to DC and DC to AC or as per diagram. The power supply is connected to the rectifier and rectifier is connected to the inverter and battery after that the inverter is connected to static switch and battery is connected to the inverter. In the end the static switch is connected to the load and bypass supply. If any alarm is available in rectifier or inverter side then power supply is connected with bypass supply source by static switch.

5 - Delta conversion online UPS :

Delta type on line UPS is an electrical backup supply equipment which works as double conversion type UPS but a additional feature is added in input supply like as delta transformer. As per construction or diagram, The delta transformer is connected to the input power supply source before rectifier. Delta transformer input is connect with input supply source and output is connected to rectifier input terminal othe construction as same double conversion on line UPS.

Double conversion online UPS connection diagram and working.

Delta transformer has two important features as one is reduces energy losses due to harmonic, heating and second is to control the input current regulating during battery charging mode.

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