Plate Earthing
Diagram, Parts, Working and Installation procedure.


  1. Plate earthing
  2. Schematic diagram.
  3. Parts of plate earthing.
  4. Installation procedure of plate earthing.
  5. Importance of plate earthing.
  6. Why coal and salt is used?

1- Plate Earthing:

Copper and GI Plate is a type of electrode which is used for connecting the earth conductor. Generally the plate is placed vertically in ground below from surface around 3 meters and it is connected to the conductors.

2- Schematic diagram of Plate Earthing

Plate Earthing:Parts, diagram, working and instalation procedure.

3- Parts of Plate Earthing

1- Earth Pit:

Earth pit is the main part of ground where earth electrode is connected to the distribution earth wire or strip.

2- Earth pipe or Strip:

Earth pipe or strip is connected to the earth plate for current discharging.

3- Earthing Plate:

Earthing plate is used for discharging the current quickly into ground.

4- Earthing wire:

Earthing wire is used for current discharging from equipment to earth pit.

4- Installation Procedure of Plate Earthing:

Plate earthing is a complete procedure of Installation which is described below mentioned points.

  • Dig the ground three meters below form ground surface.
  • A vertically copper or GI plate is placed from three meters below ground surface which size is 60cm width, 60 cms height and 6.35mm depth
  • Plate is connected to the GI or copper strip with nut and bolt.
  • Many holes type conduit pipe is also installed with earth strip and top of the pipe a funnel is also installed for using water.
  • Around the plate the coal is put then put the salt on above the coal and again put coal and salt continue to till on the below 1 meter on surface.
  • A earth pit one feet square is constructed on the ground surface of earthing.
  • Earth pit strip is connected into earth wire or earth single core wire.
  • The water is filled through funnel pipe so that the moisture will keep available.

5- Importance of Plate Earthing:

Earthing is most essential part of electrical system so it has more importance points as per below mentioned.

  • Protect any human from electrical shock during leakage current equipment body.
  • Protect to the electrical equipment form any short circut before insulation failure.
  • protect to the high rise building and electrical system from sky lightning.
  • protect to the electrical equipment from fire case.

6- Why coal and salt is used?

Coal and salt is used in earthpit for increasing moisture of soil and decreasing soil resistivity because moisture is associated between ground and plate electrode for quickly current discharging. The moisture is the important medium of decreasing soil resistivity so that current could be flow quickly . If the moisture is available in good condition then the value of earth resistance will be below two ohm.

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