Electrical Motor
Types and Working principle.


  1. Electrical Motor.
  2. Working principle.
  3. Types of Electrical Motor
  4. Induction Motor

1- Electrical Motor:

Electrical Motor: types and their functions.

Motor means motion or speed. Motor is a mechanical equipment which is operated by power source. Power source may be as fan, cooler (AC) or DC which is constructed according power source but both type motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

If we talk about its application in short as water pump, industrial machines, agriculture machines etc. Machines can be moved by belt or drive./p>

2- Working principle:

As you know motor is a machine which is convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. When power supply is applied to motor field winding than rotating magnetic flux generates on winding which is transferred into rotor. Due to transferring rotating magnetic flux on rotor resultant induced emf generates on it.

Due to emf on rotor, an opposite direction rotating magnetic flux generates on rotor. it works against field winding magnetic flux resultant field magnetic flux is greater than a rotating torque is applied on rotor after that start the rotor turn.

3 - Types of Electrical Motor:

A- AC motor
  1. Induction motor.
    • Single Phase
    • Three phase
  2. Syncronus motor
    • Reluctance.
    • Hysteresis.
  3. Linear motor
B- DC motor
  1. Selfexcited
    • Series motor
    • compound motor
      • Short compound motor
      • Long compound motor
    • Shunt motor
  2. Separately Excitedly.

4- Induction Motor

A- Singhle Phase Induction Motor

Single phase induction motor is used as capacity between 1/3 HP to 5 HP. It is called a another name as split phase induction motor and commonly used in domestic and industrial.

It has two no’s winding; one is main winding and 2nd is starting winding or auxiliary winding. Auxiliary winding is connected with capacitor. Both winding is installed in 90° angle with each other.

It has more applications in domestic and industries like as- ceiling fan, cooler, blower, water pump etc. It is used only constant speed and different type load.

Types of Induction Motor
  • Split Phase induction motor.
  • Capacitor start induction motor.
  • Capacitor start capacitor run induction motor.
  • Permanent capacitor induction motor.
  • Shaded type induction motor.
B- Three Phase Induction Motor

Three phase induction motor is a larger commonly used electrical equipment in industries, domestic and it is used such like as water pump, air conditioner, blower, production machines, agricultural purpose etc.

The conversation of electrical energy into mechanical energy is the main function of motor. it is converted electrical energy into mechanical energy so it is connected with moving machines with rubber coupling, pulley drive or belt.

According current capacity the three phase motor is less price against single phase motor because size and copper is used as low so it is said that single phase motor should be used below 5 HP and three phase motor is used above 5HP. READ MORE

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