Three Phase Energy Meter
Connection Diagram, Working Principle and Features.

  1. Digital Three phase energy meter.
  2. Connection diagram
  3. Working principle
  4. Parameters of 3P energy meters
  5. Applications of TP energy meter.

1 - Digital Three Phase Energy Meter:

Three phase energy meter is a measuring instrument device which is used for measuring the utilizing power of three phase. many types of meter are used as details below mentioned.

Three phase energy meter construction, features and applications.
  • Electromechanical induction type.
  • Electronic energy meter.
  • Smart digital energy meter

Here we are going to discuss about electronic or digital three phase energy meter.

2 - Connection Diagram:

Three phase energy meter: connection diagram and working principle.

3 - Working Principle:

Computerized signal processor or elite execution microchips are utilized in advanced electric meters. Like the simple meters, voltage and current transducers are associated with a high goal ADC. When it switches simple signs over completely to computerized tests, voltage and current examples are increased and incorporated by advanced circuits to gauge the energy consumed.

Microchip additionally works out stage point among voltage and current, so it likewise gauges and shows responsive power. It is modified so that it computes energy as per the duty and different boundaries like power factor, greatest interest, and so on and stores this multitude of values in a non unpredictable memory EEPROM.

It contains ongoing clock (RTC) for working out time for power reconciliation, most extreme interest computations andfu rthermore date and time stamps for specific boundaries. Moreover it collaborates with fluid precious stone showcase (LCD), specialized gadgets and other meter yields. Battery is accommodated RTC and other huge peripherals for reinforcement power.

4 - Parameters of three phase digital energy meter. :

  • Voltage:- RY, YB, RB, RN, YN, BN
  • Current:- R, Y, B, R, Y, N
  • Phase wise load in % : three current in % of full load.
  • Unbalance load in % : Current and voltage unbalance in %.
  • Power factor:- pf1, pf2, pf3
  • Power: VA, W, VAR, per phase and total.
  • Energy:VAh, Wh, + VARh.
  • CT polarity check.

5 - Applications of TP Energy Meter:

Three phase energy meter is used as widely in industrial, Commercial high rise buildings, Residential societies etc.

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