Induction Motor
Working principle, Parts and Types.

  1. Induction Motor.
  2. Working principle.
  3. Parts of induction motor
  4. Types of induction motor

1- Induction Motor:

Definition: Induction motor is known as other name asynchronous motor. It is works on alternator current so it is called AC electrical motor.

Induction motor: parts, types and working principle.

Induction motor are used in world as commonly like as industries, pump, agricultural etc.

It works on magnetic induction base. Motor has two parts; one is stator fixed part and second is rotor moving parts. Rotor is moved by magnetic induction force from stator is works on induction basis principle.

2- Working principle:

When alternative current is used on stator field winding, it generates a magnetic field. This type magnetic flux works as rotating flux due to effect of direction changing alternative current. Rotating magnetic field transfers to the rotor resultant induced emf generates on rotor. rotor flux cut to the field flux than a rotating torque generates. Rotor moves continually.

3 - Parts of induction motor.

1- Body/Frame:

it is the base of motor where the all components are is round type and small type motor is made by caste iron, big size motor is made by steal plate.

2- Stator:

Field winding and memetic pole is installed on it and it is made by steal plate. It is the fixed part of the motor. Magnetic pole also installed on it and field winding is mounted on it. It is the main work on motor to generate the electromagnetic flux.

3. Rotor:

It is the rotating part of motor and installed in is used for rotating the machine with the help of coupling or drive. It is constructed with aluminum or copper studs which is mounted on cylindrical shape as slot type. It is rotating the rotating electromagnetic induction torque which is generated field winding.

4- End cover:

It is fixed with small bearing on back side of motor which is used for fan air ventilation of motor heat.

5- Front Cover:

It is fixed on front side with big size bearing.

6- Connection Plate:

It is mounted on body for connecting the power supply.

7. Centrifugal switch:

it is installed on motor shaft outside corner. It is device of breaking of starting winding from power supply after providing starting torque. After getting set speed of motor, capacitor and starting winding is disconnected from power supply.

4- Types of Induction Motor:

Tow types motors are used commonly as single phase and three phase.

1- Single phase induction motor

Single phase induction motor is used in world as large scale as domestic and industries. As per capacity it is used below 5 HP. It has more application like as fan blower, water pump etc. It works on magnetic induction force. it has two no windings as one is starting and second is main.

It is called a another name as split phase induction motor because a capacitor is also used for starting so due to effect of capacitor, a another phase is generated. So two phase difference a magnetic flux is produced resultant motor start to move.

  • Split Phase induction motor
  • Capacitor start induction motor
  • Capacitor start capacitor run induction motor.
  • Permanent capacitor induction motor.
  • Shaded type induction motor.

2- Three phase induction motor

Three phase induction motor is a electrical machine which is used for converting electrical energy into mechenical energy like as water pump. Motor is used as primary source and it is connected to the machines or other mechenical output drive with the help of coupling, pully or belt.

it has many applications such like as water pump, air conditioner, blower, production machines, agricultural purpose etc. It is used as per capacity above 5HP.

  • Asynchronous induction motor.
  • Synchronous induction motor.

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