Electrical Equipment Logbooks
Description, Types of logbooks and Why it is used.

  1. Equipment Logbooks
  2. Schematic diagram.
  3. Types of technical system logbooks.

1- Equipment Logbooks:

Log book is a record book which is used for manual storing parameters data of equipment, events and machines. The parameters of equipments are mentioned in it. Parameters data is taken in a frequency according requirement as a hourly, 2 hourly, 4 hourly or per day.

Different types log books are used in a different formate are used according equipments. Here we are going to discus electrical log books like as UPS log book, transformer logbook, HT panel log book etc. Electrical equipments parameters are logged as voltage, current, frequency, temp etc.

2- Tech Logbook format :

Equipment logbooks: types, format and description.

3- Types of logbooks :

Different types logbooks are used in technical system like as transformer log book, chiller plant logbook which below mentioned.

1- HT panel logbook.

HT panel logbooks are used in industries, residential societies, commercial buildings, and substations. The parameters are not down for observation and future reference. The parameters details are below mentioned.

Parameters detail:
  • Date and time.
  • Energy consumption in KVAh and KWH.
  • R, Y, B phase high voltage
  • All three phase current.
  • Maximum demand
  • Power factor
  • Auxiliary voltage
  • Control supply voltage
2- Transformer logbook

Transformer is an electrical equipments which is used for voltage transformation. It is costly electrical equipment so for better health we have to follows it's parameters so that we can prevent from any fault.

  • Date and time.
  • Transformer input voltage
  • Transformer out put voltage
  • Transformer current
  • Transformer winding temp
  • Transformer oil temp.
  • transformer oil level.
  • Dry type transformer temp
3- LT panel logbook.

LT panel is electrical power distribution center in a premises where electricity board supply and backup supply is received and distributed to feeders so parameters are important for LT panel health.

  • Date and time.
  • All phase incomer voltage.
  • all phase current.
  • frequency.
  • Power factor.
  • All feeders current
4- UPS logbook.

UPS is an electrical device which is used for receiving backup supply without any interruption. So parameters are very important for knowing the status of UPS.

  • Date and time.
  • Incoming voltage.
  • Outgoing voltage.
  • Current in Amp
  • Load in percentage of capacity (KVA)
  • Energy load in KW.
  • Battery voltage.
  • Battery charging current.
  • Temp and humidity.
5- Chiller plant logbook.

Chiller plant is an Airconditioning machine which is used for high rise offices, premises, malls. It is costly machines so parameters are very important for its health.

  • Date and time:
  • Running hours.
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Energy in KW.
  • Chilled water in and out temp.
  • Condenser water in and out temp
  • Oil temp and pressure.
  • Refrigerant discharge, suction pressure and temp
6- Diesel generator logbook.

Diesel generator is a mechanical and electrical device which is used for back up power generation. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy so record parameters are important for its better health.

  • Date and time:
  • Running hours.
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Energy in KW.
  • Oil pressure.
  • Water temp
  • Coolant temp.
  • Battery voltage.
  • Battery charger voltage.
  • Fuel level.
7- Water treatment plant logbook.

WTP is a water control center where the water is received, storage, filtered and distributed for utilization. So parameters are very important for knowing the status of water plant.

  • Date and time.
  • Fire tank water level.
  • Raw tank water level.
  • Domestic tank water level.
  • Softener tank water level
  • Softener plant hardness value.
  • RO plant TDS value.
  • All type pump water pressure.

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