Working principal and Connection diagram.

  1. Alternator.
  2. Construction or part.
  3. Connection diagram.
  4. Working principle

1 - Alternator:

Alternator or AC generator is a machine which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy and it works on principle of Faraday law as electromagnetic induction. Electrical energy is received in sinusoidal alternative current and mechanical energy is provided through diesel engine, steam turbine, water turbine etc.

Alternator:Parts, working principle and connection diagram

Alternator is the group of assembled electrical parts. It has three parts important one is rotor, second is stator and third is body. Rotor is moved and magnetic flux is produced on field winding resultant a EMF is produced on field winding as per winding capacity. The required voltage is received from field winding.

It is used in residential, industries, generation plants as a single phase and three phase.

2 - Construction or Parts of Alternator. :

Alternator is the equipment of assembled electrical parts as below mentioned.

  • Body
  • Stator
  • Rotor
  • Field
  • Slip rings
  • Armature

3 - Connection diagram. :

4 - Working principle. :

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